Kenneth Clark dodo and medieval tiles Here are some of the tiles we recommend for the perfect 1900 house. The Jackfield Tile Museum makes William de Morgan reproductions and fine Victorian encaustic tiles for the floor. Kenneth Clark also makes gorgeous reproductions of William de Morgan originals and some of Philip Webb's also. His own "peppercorn" tiles (below) are likewise beautiful. Kenneth Clark's peppercorn tilesWe can even arrange to have tiles decorated for you, in tube-lined Art Nouveau style by artists based in Scotland, such as Elspeth Gardner or Douglas Hunter. There are also a number of American companies making Arts & Crafts tiles, although how easy it is to get them is another matter.
  Here is one by Handcraft Tile Inc. (others can be seen in the navigation border to the left). Other manufacturers include the Moravian Tile Company, blah, blah. Names and contact details of American manufacturers are fairly easy to come by. Try the American Arts and Crafts Society on the links page.
  We can help direct you to the manufacturers of all the tiles. Some retailers, such as Fired Earth, stock them as well. In some instances we would even order them for you. But, try as we might, we can't really save you any money. Sorry.