Frames & decorative panels

picture frame of Liz Sykes's hare print, £150

Picture frames offer a great opportunity for a lover of the Arts and Crafts, for we frame anything: tapestry, fabrics, beaten copper panels, book prints, hand-painted Christmas cards, and the more obvious sketches and paintings.
   Mirrors and picture frames are well suited to be given as personalised gifts. We often make them to be given as wedding presents with the date of the marriage and the initials of the couple carved below the mirror or glass. In the example below, the carving has been infilled with a mixture of mahogany dust, iron copper panel in Milngavieoxide (rust to you and me), tiny bits of black marble and just enough glued to bind it together. Beaten copper panels make even better presents. It is easy enough to buy sub-Mackintosh motifs on pewter panels. Several artists work in and around Glasgow making lovely objects that are generally bought as gifts. But we offer unique personalised art. The “Natasha” plaque pictured here is one of two (Katherine is the other) placed inside cupboards for a family's two girls.
  Although not technically a picture frame, a decorative panel can be built into your furniture, free-standing or fitted. You can find stained glass panels and copper panels in many of our pieces, but only rarely will you find carving. Below is a copper plaque was made for a fire place with the name of the house. We use beaten copper panels in cabinet doors quite often. Here are some close-ups.
artistic copper panel of a hare decorative copper plaque of a salmon beaten copper panel of Pictish beast
The two darlings depicted below are my girls. Their pose was achieved through the judicious use of sweets.

designer mirror nameplate copper plaque hand-made photo frame hand-crafted mirror