unique designer coffee table Our Arts and Crafts coffee table is a hit with enthusiasts of the period. Coffee tables are a more recent "invention" and, consequently, original pieces from 1900 cannot be found. With cut-out tulip shapes in the slats along the side, the table goes well with our radiator covers.
unusual modern cabinet   Right is what we call the bay window table. I'm not sure what it is for. Below is one of the few near reproductions we have made. It is very similar to the washstand designed by William Lethaby for Melsetter House on Hoy, Orkney, about 1899. Our version was designed as a bedside table, although it ended up as a writing desk.
   Alas, we often haven't the time to photograph or rephotograph our furniture. oak, bedside table, 450When battling against schedules (Christmas dinner a not uncommon one!), we sometimes deliver before we are able to organise anything approaching a photo-shoot. photo of dressing table and stoolThis is my sorry excuse for having no more than one photograph of a dining table (the one below seats six and costs 1700).
   Three of the other tables on this page are more like little writing desks, although each has been designed to do something slightly different. One is a dressing table. The other two were inspired by a Stickley original and we call them hall tables (about 850). The open rack at the back of the table is designed to hold post and important communications (mainly bills). bespoke handmade dining table hall desk, writing desk photo of hall table    

photo of coffee table