Television Tables and Cabinets

The entertainment units we have made have been driven largely by our clients. Two of those depicted below the customer more or less specified the design. We've never got round to designing and building a "Samsons Joinery" piece. The design for the one to the right is as close as it comes, but was constrained by sizes (alcove and television and existing glass). The one at the bottom was made speculatively and quickly and ultimately was not to my liking. In any case, it was lost in the Antiques Warehouse fire. But it was unlikely to serve most people's needs, for it was quite small. The ever-increasing size of televisions has rather caught this Luddite by surprise. Our own 17-inch TV sits in an original 1950s television cabinet. Indeed, it is the very great size of modern televisions that has effectively stopped me from attempting any further designs. The cabinet would have to be huge. I suppose one of our wardrobe/cupboards could be adapted to the purpose of hiding a television. Otherwise, your large television could be plonked on top of our small cabinets. photo of a television cabinet photograph of entertainment unit for a 50-inch plasma television photo of a television cabinet