replica of a fire surround designed by Ernest Archibald Taylor in 1908, destroyed in the Antiques Warehouse fire My interest in fireplaces began when I reinserted Victorian fireplaces and stoves into my flat two decades ago. The first fire surrounds were pine and fairly plain.
  Now we are very adventurous, employing ceramicists, copper artists, and stained glass makers in our more ambitious projects. The beaten copper plaques we have designed, all for fireplaces so far, oak fire surround, 600can be seen on the page of "mirrors and pictures". They are eminently suitable for wall decoration in their own right. "East, west, hame's best" is an old Arts and Crafts favourite, but we have also made house names and plaques that include the family's names. We are still awaiting the dream commission, which would enable us to choose everything, including the tiles. Kenneth Clark produces some wonderful reproductions of William de Morgan tiles, such as the dodo, stork and fish as well as his own line, such as "peppercorn". Click on "tiles" in the navigation bar to the left to see our recommended tiles.
  While we did not make the fire suround below with the copper hood, we have made several very like it. In fact, as antiques dealers we have sold an almost identical one in mahogany, but the leaded glass was in the shape of a heart. And here is one we made, with copper panels left and right of the little cabinet, inspired by the originals.
photo of firesurround photo of fire surround photograph of large handmade oak fireplace photograph of handmade seccession style fireplace photograph of oak fire surround by Samsons Joinery photograph of arts & crafts oak fire surround pitch pine fire place with copper plaque in the centre, 800 large oak fire surround made by Samsons Joinery photo of alder fireplace, 550