Stained Glass

Some of our stained glass panels are made in our workshop (by Valerie or myself) where we also store original windows, usually bought at auction. We use new and old alike architecturally (as fixed windows) and decoratively (to hang in front of windows or built into furniture). But many of our stained glass windows are now made by other artists, such as Richard LeClerc on Arran. Amazingly, this often brings the price down (professionals can work very, very fast). stained glass window in a churchMore importantly, it allows us to use artists whose painting skills are particularly good. Many a stained glass artist, sad to say, is restricted to leaded glass, either because they cannot paint or haven't got a firing kiln and cannot be bothered trying to get access to one. We offer glass that is painted, acid etched, or sand blasted.stained glass art nouveau flower
   Calculating costs of a commissioned window is fairly straightforward for the mathematically minded. A rough guide is about £60 per square foot. But for a more accurate estimate, multiply the number of individual pieces of glass by four and add 5 for every square foot of window. That gives you the approximate cost in £sterling. The price, you will see, goes up the greater the number of pieces of glass that have to be cut and fitted into the leaded glass jigsaw.

stained glass in door